We support all recorded formats.  Over the years in the transcription
business we have developed the technical skills to work with all recording
formats. We offer time tested recording tips and advice to our customers,
whether it is the best method for dictation, recording one-on-one interviews,
or meetings.

We have a
phone-in dictation system and a dedicated FTP site which
makes it possible for our customers to dictate to us from anywhere in the
world with the expectation of next day transcript delivery.

We work with a range of business partners who can provide audio visual
services for web site content and DVD publishing.
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Factors That Affect the Cost of

  • The quality of the recording
  • The microphone setup for
    multiple voice recording
  • Heavy accents
  • Background noise (office
    noise, street noise, music,
    children, etc.)
  • Recording conducted on the
    move or in a car
  • Multiple voice recordings
    where people speak over one
  • Turn around requirements
  • Dictation that is not
Welcome, your transcription is our priority.

If you are an attorney, consultant, psychologist, author, or financial planner and you want
to work with a professional transcription service, consider these five reasons to use our
transcription service.

  • The average professional dictates seven times faster than they type.
  • Increase your billable hours while we focus on transcription.
  • Increase the speed of information flow within your organization.
  • Reduce employee overhead, only pay for the time and service you need.
  • Tap in to our network of related services professionals.
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